Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Left Wing Eco-Wingnuts Sexy Up Their Garden For Coming Collapse of Civilization

Left Wing Eco-Wingnuts Stevie Lowe, Russell McSpadden, Ana Rodriguez, and Syd Sap, have begun preparations for what Rodriguez has called "the imminent collapse of civilization, fondue parties, and flushing toilets." They have installed an outhouse, planted rows of tropical spinach, and put on sexy clothes as a reminder that the collapse can be beautiful too.

According to Syd, the promise of a knew tomorrow on the ashes of the present system of capitalist consumption and domination can only mean one thing: "Gawa. Is it? Mas pwease!"

Stevie Lowe, a renowned eco-wingnut, looks forward to long walks in the bright orange-gray glow of the setting sun as the world economy, corporate agriculture, and industrial mass production feast on their own internal organs displaying for all to see the contradictions and violence inherent in the system. "I just hope someone fucking notices. Thats all I've got to say."


Mary Lindsey said...

I bet they shit in that bucket in the picture and then make cheese on top of it.

lillizard128 said...

Aw I can see his dewlap! How cute!

Youdon'tsupportwhatido12 said...

You have revealed your affiliations with the display of the Ichthyan Triad around your navel. We know about your plan to facilitate global warming in order to flood the earth and eat all of the submerged buckets of KFC chicken.
We're watching you, wingnuts.

Shaman Hawk said...

We can speed up the collapse of civilization by thwarting the efforts of the feminazis that want to stop porn.

May the farce be with you!

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