Friday, December 13, 2013

Will the Real Scott Maxwell Please Stand Up?

Recently, a lower life form, probably of the Jupiterian or Shriner persuasion, created a fake Twitter account for the illustrious Vice Mayor of Lake Worth, Scott Maxwell.  The identity thief, Tweeting as Maxwell, posted some rather curious language stating: "I'm only going to say this once...any allegations of reptilian involvement/ancestry are completely unfounded #scottmaxwell2014."

Its the kind of language that smells of reptilian double-reverse psychology in which one is to believe that Maxwell is not Maxwell but a shapeshifter while in fact, it is another who is really a dewlap endowed overlord of the sheeple. But who?

On a recent blogpost by Wes Blackman, a Lake Worth area literary figure and film star from Wes Blackman in Handcuffs Part I, one of his avid readers noted this: "I read with interest your post about someone stealing Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell's identity on Twitter. Over and over I read the tweets and there was something about the writing that was familiar. The references to "shape shifting," "reptilian involvement," etc. Back from dawned on me where I read something very familiar. Do you remember a blog in Lake Worth called the "Lake Worth Wingnut"?

Blackman's fan continued on, attempting to draw connection between the freedom fighters of the Wingnut and the Alien Menace that hacked Blackman's twitter identity. We at the Wingnut did not nor would never attempt to do such a thing, not because of our undying respect for Maxwell as much as because we are keenly aware that Twitter, like Facebook and Lake Worth in general, is a tool of the coming Jupitarian invasion.

But this still does not answer who did it. Then we scoured Blackman's blog and read a comment from someone going by the name "a child is in harm's way" who said: "The reason Mr. Panagioti Tsolkas and his "lieutenants" maintain this so-called horizontal organization is it shields them from responsibility and culpability....My bet is Mr. Tsolkas is getting very, very close to being a dead-ender looking to go out in a blaze of glory.

This is the clue the Wingnut needed. We did our own research and found that this Mr. Tsolkas recently crafted this press release attempting to draw connections between the film The Hunger Games and the Earth First! radical environmental movement. At the Wingnut we have long suspected Earth First! to be a front group for the Turd Burglers of Solar System 73 pent on the invasion of our planet but we had no real hard evidence, until now. 

You see, the Hunger Games stars Lenny Kravitz and Lenny Kravitz ones took part in a photo op with Hillary Clinton who has openly supported Obamacare which was written by Manuel Noriega who was installed into power by the CIA which is an acronym like FBI which is currently investigating Panagioti Tsolkas for attempting to stir-up a post-communist revolution via a less than clever cooptation of mainstream Hollywood cinema without truly reaching a consensus with his lieutenants, and also Lenny Kravitz is a shape shifting reptilian. This means that Panagioti Tsolkas -- dead-ender, pop-film aficionado, and  press release writer -- is Scott Maxwell's alter-Twitter, which would be a great name for a death metal band...if you had a forked tongue and liked to eat flies.

Case closed. Thank you Wes Blackman for your wonderful investigative blog-posts and your continued allegiance to Scott Maxwell, may you both live to see the day when you can tell the tales of your own greatnesses to a population of post-sheeple which you two helped to free.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Super-Storm Sandy Really Just a Convergence of Chem-Trails, Says Obamacare Survivor

This week, the Wingnut has decided to published in full, an important testimonial by Obamacare survivor Ted Kakalaski in which the nature of Chem-Trails is detailed:

"Let me tell you! The SECRET history of Obamacare, which is so secret you can only learn about it through Fox News, has been hidden from the sheeple for decades now. That's right--decades. It all started in 1945 [eds. note: the year Nazi leader Adolf Hitler "died"] with an unknown crop-duster from Shitsferbrains, Oklahoma named Jeremiah Dupruis. Durpruis, an orphan child of the Nobama family, a family of banking elites with links to the Rockefellers and the Jupiterian invasion, owned a small business spraying DDT on corn crops and on the side he used his plane to write religious messages in the skies with, what he called, Christ-Trails.

Now fast forward 67 years to the 2012 presidential election as well as the arrival of Frankenstorm Sandy on the East coast which face-slapped coastal yuppies like a mutherfucker. I mean, come on, the crop duster had links to the Nobama family, which is obviously the Obamas and hey, what the fuck is that out the window in the sky? Right there? Its a Chem-Trail. We've got a real shit storm a brewing. Watch out sheeple.

And that's how it all happened. The end."

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Alex Jones, the Pope, the Shriners and Earth First!: Four sides of the same coin

Their intergalactic feud has existed since before the Earth's formation, spanning infinite star systems and has caused the death of billions of lives, from the highly evolved Turd Burglars of the Degoba system to the peace loving and shit slurping Dingleberries of the planet VR-93. Only very rarely have we earthlings seen the infighting carried out in public. Right now there is a power struggle between the Reptilian Overlords and the Illuminati faction of Earth First! vying for dominance of the minds of the planet's sheeple. Don't be fooled. Neither is your friend. Both would rather play in a kiddy pool fashioned from your leathered flesh and filed with your bile than provide you with decent health care or a clean environment.

Take a look at the video below and pay close attention. Our liberation rests in the details of our puppet master's own discord.

And remember, if you are reading this you are the resistance!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Reptilian Overlord Brandon Block Turns 380, Lake Worth to Celebrate Out of Joyous Fear

The Grand PooBaux of Skunk-Ape Anoles, the hairy subspecies of our reptilian overlords, is celebrating his 380th birthday on Saturday, August 10th in downtown Lake Worth. Both Lake and Lucerne avenues will be closed to traffic.  The Lake Worth Wingnut had the opportunity today to speak with Overlord Block to find out about the planned festivities.

The Wingnut: Overlord Block, thank you for not ingesting my eyes or slurping my nano-ether through your membranes located behind your ears when I walked in the door.  First of all, happy early birthday. Please tell our readers what you have learned in your 380 year life.

Overlord Block: Perhaps the most important thing I'd like to impart on your readers is this. I have studied you humans a good deal. I've tasted of your flesh, undergone an anal cleanse with the juices of your pancreas, and have pondered the workings of your urinary system. This I can say for sure from study in male-humanoid urinals. If you shake it more than three times when you are finished, you are actually playing with it. You aren't fooling anyone.

W: I'm so sorry Overlord. So, so sorry. Please don't...

OB: Give me those eyeballs!

[Editor's Note: The Wingnut is sorry to report that the interview ended with the ingestion of our beat reporters eyes. Though we are honored by the Overlords choice of a Wingnutian for his pre-birthday cuisine, we are saddened by the loss of such a relentless and brave reporter.]

Monday, May 2, 2011

Local Wingnut Sets Her Sights on Prince Harry

Inspired by the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton earlier this week, Reptilian Shapeshifter enthusiast Audrey Locker is attempting to marry into the British monarchy. "I have a bad habit of falling for emotionally unavailable wingnuts, and quite frankly, I'm fed up. So I've made the decision to cut out the middleman: instead of getting with people that are obsessed with conspiracy theories, I want to become part of the conspiracy itself."

She is intent upon betrothal to Prince Harry of Wales, though as of yet he has no knowledge of her existence. "I have a thing for gingers," confesses Audrey. "And he's in the House of Windsor, which I hear is a really cool collective house." Audrey, who identifies as an anarchist, doesn't seem too troubled by the fact that Harry is a monarch: "Ok, so admittedly he has to work a bit on his class privilege. And he's also in the military... yeah, I know that I shouldn't get into a relationship with the intention of changing someone, but he's really cute. And reptilian."

Audrey is currently asking for donations for her trip to London to meet the Prince, where she hopes they will do more than just drink tea. Anyone who donates more than $500 dollars will get a spot in the elite vanguard of the New New World Order, which Audrey aims to establish after she overthrows the Babylonian Brotherhood that currently controls the planet. "My master plan is to marry Prince Harry and on our wedding night, after consummating our marriage on each of Jupiter's moons, I will kill him. I will then eat his innards to gain his level 32 spiritual potency, and fashion his flesh into a suit I will wear to impersonate him." Using this disguise, she will infiltrate the Brotherhood and bring about the rev. We here at the Wingnut are rooting for her, and we certainly look forward to the dance parties that will accompany the fall of civilization.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

New Zodiac Sign Declared, Lake Worth Scorpios Revolt, Secede from Universe

The seething lair of scorpions that is Lake Worth has been in an outrage since it was announced earlier this year that a thirteenth zodiac sign will be added into the 3,000 year old astrological pantheon. The addition of Ophiucus, the serpent-bearer, will cause a major upheaval amongst the other signs, and will effectively displace Scorpio, leaving it with a mere pittance of 6 days a year to reign over, down from its original 30. Not only will Ophiucus greatly shorten Scorpio's rulership, it will ruthlessly force all current Scorpios to be either Virgos or Libras.

The Scorpios of Lake Worth, as per usual, are pissed. In a statement released today, Scorpios Against Change (SAC) decried the Establishment's attempts to try to, like, make them conform or whatever, man. "We Scorpios are proud of our reputation as over-sexed, vindictive control freaks," said SAC spokesperson Christian Minaya. "When we live in a world where we are forced to choose between being who we rightfully are and being boring Libras and Virgos, that makes me a sad SAC."

In a bold move, SAC, in conjunction with other unaffiliated Scorpios residing in Lake Worth, declared that they will be seceding from the known Universe starting around 7p on Monday evening. "We were gonna do it about a week sooner, but we all really wanted to go shopping in the new downtown Publix first," said Cara Jennings, former Lake Worth City Commissioner and Vice-Chancellor of the Confederated Scorpion Sisterhood of the Lower Hadean Realms. The Scorpios are not actually planning to move anywhere, but they will refuse to pay income tax and will cease updating their facebook statuses, though they may tweet in case of emergencies.

In a related story, the Lake Worth chapter of the Order of Reptilian Shit-Slurpers has also taken a stance against Ophiucus, whom they feel is a symbol of oppression against reptiloid-type creatures. "Of course I would never use your inferior Earth-based astrology for my daily horoscopes, but I am still offended by this new zodiac sign," chortled notorious tantric shit-slurping expert, Mary Lindsey. "We Reptilians will not easily be usurped. You putrid mammals will get your comeuppance in 2012. Just you wait and see..." When asked to elaborate on what the Reptilians have in store for next year, Lindsey just flared out her dewlap and murmured something about mandatory spray-on tans.

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