Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Alex Jones, the Pope, the Shriners and Earth First!: Four sides of the same coin

Their intergalactic feud has existed since before the Earth's formation, spanning infinite star systems and has caused the death of billions of lives, from the highly evolved Turd Burglars of the Degoba system to the peace loving and shit slurping Dingleberries of the planet VR-93. Only very rarely have we earthlings seen the infighting carried out in public. Right now there is a power struggle between the Reptilian Overlords and the Illuminati faction of Earth First! vying for dominance of the minds of the planet's sheeple. Don't be fooled. Neither is your friend. Both would rather play in a kiddy pool fashioned from your leathered flesh and filed with your bile than provide you with decent health care or a clean environment.

Take a look at the video below and pay close attention. Our liberation rests in the details of our puppet master's own discord.

And remember, if you are reading this you are the resistance!

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Popemyass171 said...

Alex Jones is not a part of the consipacy asswipes. Infowars is a source of frontline media. If I get my hands on you wingnuts I'm going to drink your prescious bodily fluids! Viva Alex Jones, commander of the free peoples army of the fat lazy republic of suburbia!

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