Thursday, November 15, 2012

Super-Storm Sandy Really Just a Convergence of Chem-Trails, Says Obamacare Survivor

This week, the Wingnut has decided to published in full, an important testimonial by Obamacare survivor Ted Kakalaski in which the nature of Chem-Trails is detailed:

"Let me tell you! The SECRET history of Obamacare, which is so secret you can only learn about it through Fox News, has been hidden from the sheeple for decades now. That's right--decades. It all started in 1945 [eds. note: the year Nazi leader Adolf Hitler "died"] with an unknown crop-duster from Shitsferbrains, Oklahoma named Jeremiah Dupruis. Durpruis, an orphan child of the Nobama family, a family of banking elites with links to the Rockefellers and the Jupiterian invasion, owned a small business spraying DDT on corn crops and on the side he used his plane to write religious messages in the skies with, what he called, Christ-Trails.

Now fast forward 67 years to the 2012 presidential election as well as the arrival of Frankenstorm Sandy on the East coast which face-slapped coastal yuppies like a mutherfucker. I mean, come on, the crop duster had links to the Nobama family, which is obviously the Obamas and hey, what the fuck is that out the window in the sky? Right there? Its a Chem-Trail. We've got a real shit storm a brewing. Watch out sheeple.

And that's how it all happened. The end."

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Stanley Wutzupdog said...

i survived Obamacare, barely. You see I had to hollow out the corpse of my primary care provider (how he died is well known to all) and once I was wellinside Ii was able to "weather the storm" so to speak the storm of course being Obamacare. Once well inside, I was safe from the travails and trial of life and our socialist President, may God have mercy on His soul.

Stanley "Big Stan" Wutzupdog

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