Friday, March 12, 2010

Lake Worth Shaman Heals World Through MySpace Blog Posts

See Shaman Hawks Myspace Magic Here

A recent communique released by Shaman Hawk (reposted below) outlines the spiritual leaders message for healing and spiritual connection with the cosmos. Both the Dali Lama and Roland Emmerich, director of the film 2012, called the blog post "a message of hope wrapped in the sublime html format commonly available on Myspace."

However, some have been critical of Shaman Hawk's Myspace magic. DdawgsuckaMC72, a thirty year old humanoid and regular consumer of Myspace mysticism considers Shaman Hawk's Myspace treatises to be little more than the sad attempts of an alienated individual reaching out through the spiritually void and emotionally unnaccountable dystopia of online social networking. "I used to think Myspace was awesome, but now I see that Facebook is the way to go," DdawgsuckaMC72 said.

AngelPimplesVortex, a 19 year old college freshman and Wiccan (seeking Networking, Dating, Serious Relationships, Friends) had this to say: "The other day Hawk told me 'Lol, wtf. I mean wtf your Myspace is lame. You need to go to' And when I went to that site there was just a bunch of bullshit unicorn and army camo page layouts. Thats so fucking lame."

Here is the Illustrious Blog Post: Click here to go to the original

"This is about the hebegebe wannabe bitches that think they can go live in the mountains and pretend they have their shit together and be cool. Just because you hoes have men that are soft and compliant doesn't mean you are strong. It just means you have weak men that serve as your bitches.

I put up new material and write ups on the net that show the details of your dwellings and our work. Your homes and land made wonderful sets. Your petty
efforts only spawn our creativity in editing.

Lick me.----"

Shaman Hawks insightful depiction of "hebegebe wannabe bitches" gets to the source of the sadness inherent in modern civilization: the lack of authenticity in the western psyche and the need to channel our efforts, not face to face, but through blog posts as the central means by which to reconnect with the Life Spirit© and MyCommunity®.

Please contact Shaman Hawk for a tarot card reading, or a myspace or facebook friend request.

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CrystalteenDRAgon13 said...

Shaman Hawk healed my Adult Onset Diabetes via Twitter!``

Celine Dion said...

I once paid Shaman Hawk two grand to read my numbers. He told me that he would do it in his mini-van. When I got in there he rolled up the windows and locked them. Then he farted and it was god awful. He just laughed this maniacal laugh. It was the greatest spiritual experience of my life.

Sequoia Redd said...

haha, this is great

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