Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Illuminate Demagogue Matriarch Holds Ritualistic Reptilian Cabal at the Little Owl Bar in Lake Worth

Some thought it was going to be just another night of PBRs and endless Lynyrd Skynyrd tracks on the jukebox. The 40 people who showed however were shocked to find that the event was actually a fundraiser for the Illuminate. All the usual suspects showed up to push the radical New World Order agenda, the shriners, the pope, and even Scripps Biotech CEO Richard Lerner was seen slipping his forked tongue into a frothy Schlitz malt beverage. "Welcome to the Lizards Den!" said the Jupiterian Matriarch that organized the event. "We ask you all to remain calm. Any sudden moves from any humans will be met with cold blooded wrath." Fortunately no deaths were reported. It appears that the One World Illusion is focusing on a green-washing campaign promoting a new image of a kinder gentler alien overlord conspiracy.

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